Our curriculum includes:

• Developmentally appropriate classrooms
• Increasing language skills
• Language Arts and Reading Fundations
• Introduces math and science concepts
• Weekly Chapel
• Pre-K readiness
• Physical skills

Our circle time includes:

  • Reading stories/bible stories
  • Songs and finger-plays
  • Sharing and conversation time
*All of the above are to help children learn about God’s word, shapes, colors, numbers and letters.
*Art, science and math activities are included each day to reinforce what is being taught in circle time.

"We play a lot!"

We believe that playtime is crucial. When children play with purpose they learn about themselves and the world around them. During our playtime children are:
  • Making friends   
  • Exploring how things work
  • Listening to music
  • Developing language ability
  • Learning social skills
  • Playing with toys
  • Looking at books
  • Playing cooperatively
  • Sharing
  • Using building materials