All of our staff meets and exceeds the requirements of Title 22 licensing laws. The majority of our teachers have extensive experience in teaching preschoolers. To ensure the professionals working with your child promote a safe working environment, we require the following:

- LiveScan Fingerprinting
- Background checks
- Reference checks
- Full health clearance - Updated yearly 
- CPR & First Aid certificates
- Strong Christian Faith 
- 21 additional hours of Professional Development each year 
- Daily striving to live out the love of Christ:

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Galatians 5:22-23a NIV

Mrs. Dawn
(2009) - Faithful, Passionate, Strong
Dawn 2_Resized

"I am passionate about early education because I want to serve families by empowering children to understand their unique value in Christ and invest in their ability to follow God’s plan for their lives."

-Bachelors’ degree in education and administration CSUF
-Additional certifications: in the areas of learning styles, dyslexia, brain development,  and learning disabilities
-Taught 11 children in home based education K-12th grade
-She and her husband have an adult daughter and son-in-law who just blessed them with a granddaughter, and an adult son.


Mrs. Amani (2009) - Hardworking, Loving, Understandable 
Amani 1_Resized
"I am passionate about early education because I love children and teaching them about Christ. I also enjoy seeing how God works in their lives.” 

-Finishing ECE Certification and administration 
-She and her husband, a Jr. High teacher at BCA, have a high school aged son and a daughter attending college.

Mr. Derek (2015) - Friendly, Helpful, Kind
Derek 1_Resized
"I am passionate about early education because I get to be a role model for our students and try to represent Christ through my words and actions."

- AA in Business Administration - Accounting
-Finishing his bachelors in business administration with an emphasis in accounting at CSUF.
-He and his wife have two young daughters, the oldest attending Mrs. Pam’s class.
-Formerly one of our church's Jr High leaders. 

Mrs. Shauna (2012) - Intelligent, Kind, Friendly
Shauna 2_Resized
"I am passionate about early education because it ignites a love and interest in learning that sets the foundation of knowledge seeking for the rest of their lives and formal education.”

-Bachelors in business administration.
-Minors in theology, and psychology. 
-Began as a lead teacher before becoming our accounts manager. 
-Independent study in natural holistic healing.
-She and her husband have a baby girl.

Mrs. Cris (2003) - Creative, Dependable, Loving
Cris 1_Resized
"I am passionate about early education because I love what I get to do, teaching little ones about the Lord, watching them get excited about learning and growing, especially their hearts for the Lord.”

-ECE Teacher Certification.
-AA in Education.
-39 years experience in Early CHildhood Education
-She and her husband have two adult children, and a grandson.

Miss Nicole (2012) - Creative, Passionate, Talented
Nicole 2_Resized
"I am passionate about early education because I am able to help mold young children and  positively influence them. I also love the relationships I develop with the children and their families.”

-Finalizing the ECE credentialing process.
-Children’s theater and music director.
-She has performed on stage productions since she was 5 years old.
-Attended BCA from K-6th grade.


Mrs. Pam (2014) - Energetic, Loyal, Hardworking
Pam 1_Resized
"I am passionate about early education because God has given me a love for children and I consider it an honor to help them grow and learn during these early years.”

-Early Childhood education Teaching Certificate
-Over 25 years of Christian preschool experience.
-She and her husband have an adult son and daughter in college.


Ms. Tammy (2015) - Creative, Hardworking, Kind
Tammy 2_Resized
"I am passionate about early education because I enjoy watching the children’s kind heartedness and innocent minds as I help them learn and grow; I love when they light up as they learn something new revealing each little personality and character God gave them.”

-32 years of classroom experience and care. 
-Completed college units in ECE.
-She has an adult son, who is a veteran, and two adult daughters. .

Mrs. Melody (2017) - Compassionate, Sensitive, Adaptable
Melody 4

"I am passionate about early education because helping children discover themselves and the world is both rewarding and a beautiful experience.”

-Finishing her ECE Certification. 
-She and her husband have two elementary aged children.

Miss Katie (2017) - Smart, Resourceful, Loving
Katie 1_Resized
"I am passionate about early education because watching children grow and learn about the world around them is the most enjoyable experience and I feel God has called me to love and nurture His children.”

 -Working towards a Master Infant and Toddler Teacher and a Preschool Teacher Certificate, as well as an associates of science degree in early education
-Also studying nutritional care
-Independent study in natural holistic healing. 

We continue to partner with educators in different areas of expertise of teaching by attending workshops and classes along with having in house training to stay up to date on the resources available to provide the best environment for your child.